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Carl Potter is a Safety Speaker who motivates employees at all levels to take responsibility for safety.  He is the author of the best selling book:
 Who Is Responsible for Safety?

Improve your organizations safety culture with:

- More focused on their personal safety
- More involved in the safety process
- More disciplined to behave safely and,
- More committed to a zero-injury workplace and,
- More understanding of their responsibility for safety decisions

"Motivation that is Entertaining and Highly Informative"

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Safety Attitudes: Improving your workplace’s safety culture begins with you

A positive safety attitude is key to improving a company’s safety culture, therefore the most important safety attitude is yours.  Companies across the globe spend thousands of dollars each year to try and improve the company safety culture.  It is seldom understood that each employee’s attitude toward safety is what makes up the safety culture.

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Carl Potter’s Facilitated Safety Discussion
In many cases the underlying cause of personnel not engaging in the improvement of an organization's safety culture is lack of belief in the goal of safety  and not understanding the process of safety. During the Facilitated Safety Discussion, session participants will be able to challenge their beliefs about the validity of the safety goal while gaining an understanding of how a safe work environment is created.  Attention will be given to examples of unsafe conditions and how they should be handled.  Employees at all levels will benefit from the discussion as it is driven by the needs of the participants .  The session is highly interactive and provides opportunities for participants to explore current company safety issues.   Click here for more information

Keynote Presentations

Safety Attitudes: Improving your workplace’s safety culture begins with you

Your employees have the ability to help your company improve the safety culture where you work by improving your safety attitude.  The choice is theirs.  In this motivational safety presentation Carl Potter challenges employees to think about safety in a different way, so they can become a part of a sustainal safety culture in their workplace.

Predictable Professional Performance in SafetyTM
This motivational, entertaining and engaging presentation by one of the top motivational safety speakers in North America will challenge and inspire your employees to perform like professionals.  Carl Potter is known for his passion for preventing workplace injuries and has been working for the past 20 years at all levels of organizations helping them to understand their roles and responsibilities for safety.    In this presentation he has inspired many workers to re-engage in their professional craft to increase professional performance in safety.  Industries where workers are exposed to hazards that can maim and kill are highly trained professionals.  Many of these workers forget that they are expected to perform their jobs at a professional level and Carl is here to remind them.  As a trained professional electrical worker for in the public utility industry for 17 years Carl understands the level of commitment to safety required by each and every worker.  Your workforce will connect with Carl when he presents Predictable Professional Performance in SafetyTM at your next big safety meeting. Click Here for more information

Who Is Responsible for Safety?
Who is responsible for workplace safety? Executives, supervisors, safety department staff, or you?  This presentation answers that question.  Participants learn the critical importance of taking personal responsibility for safety. Whether you are the CEO or the college intern, Who Is Responsible for Safety? teaches the most important truths about your safety. If you want to create an environment of trust where everyone is responsible for safety, this program is for you!
Safety On My Mind
Do you wonder how to build an environment where everyone has safety on their minds, where safety is a natural part of the day-to-day thought process?  Safety On My Mind activates the process for developing a safety mindset. As a result, participants begin to view safety in a different way because they understand their personal accountability. This program challenges everyone to develop and maintain a safety mindset, the mindset of a safety professional.


Safety and the Supervisor Seminar

Safety and the Supervisor is the best thing you can do to for new and seasoned crew leaders, supervisors, or anyone who leads others. This program includes time-tested models and thought-provoking examples designed to equip leaders for the challenges they face with the competing demands of production, quality, budgets, and safety. Click here for more information 

The Best Choice for this year is: Hazard Recognition and Control Workshop
I’ve found that in all industries where people and equipment are involved, the workplaces become dangerous primarily when employees do not recognize the hazards.  And, I’ve also found that employees are trained to control hazards, yet aren’t trained to recognize them.  In an attempt to help you avoid all injuries and damage to vehicles, equipment and property, I have designed a solution: Hazard Recognition and Controls Workshop.  Click here for more information 

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Why Hire Carl Potter?

As a leading safety advisor to industry, Carl’s articles on workplace safety are found in dozens of trade magazines. Carl Potter is an expert in safety that can help improve your organization’s safety culture.


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