Safety Stories...

From time to time I come across a safety story through my network.  In the part of the Safety Spot News I will attempt to share them with you from time to time.
Be Safe!

  • It’s a Cactus, not a Caucus

A male employee was having lunch in the lunchroom. The table was next to the window, the window was opened, but not locked open. On the windowpane in front of the window was a cactus. A sudden gale blew the window fully open, pushed the cactus from the windowpane to fall straight into the male persons lap. He wanted to protect himself, and caught the cactus in his hands. His hands were perforated with needles, and he went to the company doctor. He was not able to work the rest of the day and next day, leading to a lost time injury.

"Carl Potter spoke to our Foreman's Conference, delivering his Supervising for Safety presentation. His remarks were right on target!" - XcelEnergy
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