Safety and the Supervisor Seminar

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Who should attend?

Supervisors. Crew leaders. Foremen. Managers. Safety and Human Resource professionals. Anyone who is in charge of getting the job done safely.

If you are truly concerned about saving lives and avoiding million-dollar accidents, then I have an idea you should seriously consider.

Even if your safety record is okay, I'm about to reveal how you can improve your safety performance by 10%, 20%, even 50% or more.

But first, think about this for a minute:
1. According to OSHA, the minimum cost of a recordable incident is $7,000.
2. The cost of a fatality in the workplace starts at $1,200,000.

"Safety and the Supervisor", is by far the best thing you can do to put safety first and foremost on everyone's mind - permanently.

In just a few hours, here's just a sampling of what you will find out:

  • How to prevent 99% of your accidents 
  •  The no. 1 way to avoid getting hurt
  • The single biggest mistake people make - right before an accident
  • The first place to look for an unsafe worker
  • How to change your workers' safety behavior forever - 5 steps you must know
  • The real truth about who is responsible for safety on the job
  • How to quickly determine when a worker is unfit and unsafe for duty
  • 9 proven ways to create a safer workplace

Look, this isn't just another safety training program. This is an asset you can use each and every day to protect your workers and your bottom line. In fact, "Safety and the Supervisor" was carefully developed to save you money and give you an immediate return on your investment. 

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Here are a few more powerful advantages you'll gain from this program:
1. What the very first job of safety really is
2. The # 1 critical success factor for a safe workplace
3. Two fail-safe ways to raise your safety performance
4. How you can make zero injuries possible
5. The top 4 reasons why your workers don't work safely
6. 5 simple words that instantly communicate safety, raise awareness and prevent accidents

If you're looking for an honest, honorable way to achieve the highest safety performance possible - a way that is proven to work & then "Safety and the Supervisor" is exactly what you need.

You see, Carl isn't some stuffy academic who just writes books and gives boring lectures & far from it. The fact is, literally, he has "been there, done that."

He's got 17 years of front-line, hands-on work experience with one of the largest electric utility companies in the country. So he knows exactly what it's like to work in a high-risk environment every day.

What that means is, your supervisors and foremen will immediately relate to his presentation and find it on target, down to earth, and easy to understand. To a person, they will be paying close attention and nodding in agreement as Carl explains in plain English:

  • Why your best friend can be your worst enemy when it comes to safety
  • What you can learn from "near misses"
  • The one thing you do every day that is unsafe
  • What really happens when someone blows the whistle on an unsafe worker
  • A little mistake that can cost a life
  • One simple way to instantly focus
    everyone's attention on safety - The most frequently heard comment reported by investigators after serious accidents
  • The right way and the wrong way for a supervisor to point out unsafe behavior
  • The reason why it takes more courage to work safely than unsafely
  • What you can learn about safety from NASCAR drivers
  • The one thing that all safe work teams have in common

This is an information-packed, real-world, one-of-a-kind program that will change your life and your employees' lives forever. Because Carl brings fresh ideas that are ready to use and apply right way. Guaranteed.

Call Paul at 800-259-6209 to book a Safety and the Supervisor Seminar and begin improving safety in your organization! 

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"Carl Potter spoke to our Foreman's Conference, delivering his Supervising for Safety presentation. His remarks were right on target!" - XcelEnergy
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