A Safety Philosophy for Everyone

Carl Potter's safety philosophy is to create a workplace where it is difficult to get hurt by promoting employees to take personal responsibility for safety, and keeping safety simple.

About Me


Observing, Analyzing, and Advising

Much of my work is "boots on the ground" at your location.  Clients who retain my services find it helpful for me to act as a third party observer.  On scheduled visits I observe, interview, and sometime present.  In each case, as a safety consultant I provide feedback with action steps that move your workplace safety culture forward.  As a safety speaker, while at your location I provide safety topics that will improve your safety culture. Click for Full Description


Continually Improving Safety

After publishing my book, Who Is Resposnible for Safety?, I dedicated myself full time to bringing my message to conferences around the world. Whether as a keynote speaker or a workshop leader, I help  everyone to understand the role and responsibility to improving workplace safety. Let me help you move your organization's safety culture forward.


Workshops and Keynotes

As an international safety speaker, advisor, and workshop leader I will challenge participants to engage in the continuous improvement of safety in their workplace. Contact me, and we discuss which presentation best fits the needs that you have today.


Facilitated Safety Discussions

While I am at your location let's go deeper.

During these discussions with frontline leadership, supervisors, and managers I lead them in a discussion to identify barriers to improving safety and how those barriers are worked through.


Who Is Responsible for Safety? Keynote

Executives? Supervisors? Safety department staff? Or you? Why is it important to know the answer to that question? After all, everybody, at every level, talks about working safely. In this 90 minute presentation the audience learns how to take personal responsibility and why it is important to them. Carl’s unique presentation impacts audiences because he knows of what he speaks! He has over 17 years of field experience and is an experienced supervisor and business manager. His presentation is credible to audiences at all levels.

Who Is Responsible for Safety? is an effective presentation for all members of the organization. Your organization needs this message!

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Keep Safety Simple Keynote

When every person in the workplace who observes an unsafe condition or behavior that introduces a risk of injury, takes action to reduce the risk, that is the most effective and efficient safety management system.  When creating a zero-injury workplace is the goal of every person, the organization will find the complex safety management system becoming more effective as well.  The goal of the organization should be a network of committed individuals who want to create a workplace where it is difficult to get hurt.  This means that every individual must be willing and able to learn, understand, and take action to mitigate.  This is what it means to Keep Safety Simple

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Hazard Recognition Workshop

This workshop is designed to help all employees to see hazards and know how to mitigate them to reduce the risk of injury-causing events and reduce the impact of such.  Carl uses his decades of experience and education to teach employees at all levels how to recognize the hazards at their worksites.  This is one of the best ways he has found for clients to guard against and overcome complacency.  The pay-off for this workshop will be immediate for your organization.

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Safety Past, Present, and Future Keynote

In this presentation Carl will take you back to a time when getting the job done was more important than the safety of the workforce. He will walk you through the evolution that has occurred and even make some predictions about what will continue long after he is gone. Understanding where we were and where we are today is essential to improve our ability to continue the journey to where we are going.  This program challenges audiences to understand the past, recognize that change is inevitable, and bring forward the best into a new decade for one purpose – so that everyone can go home every day without injury. 

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For more information on fees and availability, send me a message. Tell me about your event, and I will get back to you soon with more information.

Carl Potter, CSP


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